Exciting History Books

The Vikings

Take a journey back in time to witness the dawning of a civilization forever defined by its ferocious warriors, highly advanced seafaring technology, and thirst for adventure.

The Assyrian Empire -ebook image

The Assyrian Empire

The ancient masters of war and conquest became the most powerful force in the Near East thousands of years ago. One of the first empires in world history.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance, a time for change, renewal, rebirth. Learn what history books won’t teach you. Discover some of the most interesting and entertaining stories.

American Indian Wars Kindle

The American Indian Wars

The American Indian Wars details the true plight of Native Americans during the American Indian Wars. It is a no-holds barred account of the tragedies that forever altered the lives of Native Americans.

The Opium Wars Kindle Cover

The Opium Wars

What’s the best way to take over a country? Read on to discover the tragic realities and horrifying truths about The Opium Wars and the utter destruction that followed!

Olive Oatman Kindle cover

Olive Oatman

A tragic reminder of brutality or the vestiges of the aftermath? Her tattoo became a symbol of Native barbarianism and the triumph of American goodness, but like many stories of that era, the truth is far more complicated.

Trail of Tears Book Cover

The Trail of Tears

A forced march into a strange land marks a monumental and tragic moment in our nation’s history. Follow the heartbreaking story. See what happened on the impossible journey that cost the Native Americans everything.

Harriet Tubman

Born into sickness and slavery, Harriet Tubman scarcely survived her childhood. Despite it all, she did live on. Guided by compassion and unwavering faith, she emancipated herself and led hundreds of others to refuge.

Sojourner Truth Book Cover

Sojourner Truth

From slave to brave emancipator, activist, and hero…She took every hardship she faced and turned it into self-improvement. Explore the travels, times, and tribulations of Sojourner Truth.

The Black Death Image

The Black Death

Delve into the deadliest pandemic ever known. This horrifying chapter of our history will fascinate, but discord and disease await. Prepare for the Black Death!

Fun Trivia Books

WW1 Book Cover

The compacted book of world war 1

In this historical trivia book designed for the layperson, you’ll get a front-line look at amazing stories of heroism and epic battles, along with over 150 expert questions to help you learn even more about the first-ever World War.

The Compacted Book Of World War 2

The complexities of WWII are lost on most of us today. Having shaped the societies we live in, WWII is undoubtedly worth a closer look, so let’s explore. The subject, wildly volatile, will never feel like work…

The Book of the Vikings book cover

The Book Of The Vikings

History books often portray the Vikings as ruthless souls who took no prisoners. However, that’s only a part of their story. This book goes beyond the dragon ships—beyond the beards and monstrous frames. It’s time to set the record straight—and have some fun en route!

Weird True Stories image

Weird True Stories From World War 1 & 2

From the unbelievable story of one man holding a military position and stopping an approaching army from taking the location to a miscalculation that lost a battle.

The Weirdest Read While You Poo On The Loo image

The Weirdest Read While You Poo On The Loo

Stop taking your phone in the restroom; that’s icky. You’re an adult—take a book instead. Learn something new, impress your friends, and gain knowledge while on the john.

Yes, That Happened!

This book is the perfect way to relax, unwind, and learn something new that’ll impress your friends,  Whatever your reason for loving weird history, we’ve got your back.

The Insane But True Basketball Trivia Book:

The Insane But True Basketball Trivia Book will give your brain a workout, teach you new facts, and add to your collection of NBA knowledge all in one book.