Simplify The Stories of History.

In History Compacted, we see history as an extensive collection of stories. In each of these stories are valuable lessons that can help spark ideas for the future.

However, history often proceeds as dull and incomprehensible. Even with information being accessible in the world today, most people are still not interested in learning more about history. 

That is why our mission is to simplify and spark interest in history’s fascinating stories. We strive to achieve that by creating books that help readers get their foot in the door of history, which include:

  • Short Stories From The Past
  • Trivia Books With Weird True Stories From The Past

Our Writers

Adrian Ramos is a writer from Upstate New York whose love of stories and sweeping narratives was born from a childhood of fantasy literature and video games. His writing was tempered by a B.A. in Historical Studies at Bard College. Now he teases the fantastic, the forgotten, and the curious out of the historical record in order to share the real stories that outdo even the grandest of fiction.

As part of History Compacted, Adrian hopes to expand the scope of his historical knowledge and help give voice to the fascinating figures stuck in the margins of history.

Kimberly Miller developed a love of history, film, and literature at a young age. Her parents cultivated this love to keep her busy and allow her to see the world, cultures, and peoples differently. Not always to take their word for it, but she knew she had to visit these places, so she began exploring the globe. Traveling the world has only exacerbated her love of history, religion, and culture. She brings this love and obsession to the pages of both her fiction and nonfiction works. She is also a graduate of the Art Institute, holding a degree in film.