Evildoers In History


"Evildoers In History"

Why is it that those who are considered “evil” by most accounts achieve most fame? Explore the horrific true stories in human history that made these men infamous. 

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Simplify The Stories of History.

Here in History Compacted, we see history as a large collection of stories. Each of these amazing stories of the past can help spark ideas for the future. However, history is often proceed as boring and incomprehensible.

That is why it is our mission to simplify the fascinating stories of history.


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World War 2 Trivia Book

Stories from World War II That’ll Make You Go “Whoa!” 

The complexities of WWII are lost on most of us today. Having shaped the societies we live in, WWII is undoubtedly worth a closer look, so let’s explore. The subject, wildly volatile, will never feel like work…

Don’t just scratch the surface here, for WWII is absolutely fascinating, through and through. You’ll have a “blast” and come to wow your friends and family, demonstrating newfound knowledge in no time!


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We have partnered up with audible to give readers the opportunity to explore one of the most feared empire in history, “The Assyrian Empire,” for FREE on audible. When you click on the link below, you can sign up to Audible for a free 30-Day Trial. 

You can cancel at any time if you don’t like the experience of the listening on the go. 

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