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Why is it that those who are considered “evil” by most accounts achieve most fame? Explore the horrific true stories in human history that made these men infamous.

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More About History Compacted

In History Compacted, we see history as an extensive collection of stories. In each of these stories are valuable lessons that can help spark ideas for the future.

However, history often proceeds as dull and incomprehensible. Even with information being accessible in the world today, most people are still not interested in learning more about history. 

That is why our mission is to simplify and spark interest in history’s fascinating stories. We strive to achieve that by creating books that help readers get their foot in the door of history, which include:

  • Short Stories From The Past
  • Trivia Books With Weird True Stories From The Past
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Weird True Stories From World War 1 & 2: A Collection of Insane-But-True Stories From The Two World Wars To Satisfy Your Curious Brain 

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What Readers Are Saying


“These are well are well written books. Very easy to read and it kept me engaged throughout.”

Jon J, Reader,

“The books are just the right length to keep my interest while keeping me informed.”

Michael B, Reader,

“Very informative and interesting. I learned so much without reading for hours.”

Jenny Kim, Reader,

“The book explained the topic better than my textbooks ”

Ray J, Reader,
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We have partnered up with audible to give readers the opportunity to explore one of the most feared empire in history, “The Assyrian Empire,” for FREE on audible. When you click on the link below, you can sign up to Audible for a free 30-Day Trial.

You can cancel at any time if you don’t like the experience of the listening on the go.

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